Interesting hair structure to care for healthy hair deeply.


Interesting hair structure to care for healthy hair deeply.

Hair is like a fur that grows over the human scalp, which is divided into two parts: the hair shaft that grows over the scalp and the hair root which is buried under the scalp.

Hair is a type of keratin which is responsible for preventing various substances from getting into the skin and protect from radiation from sunlight and strengthens the skin. If zooming in closer, you can see the arrangement of keratin fibers resembling fish scales overlapping. If the arrangement is wrong, it can easily cause damage to the hair.

Hair shaft
It is a dead cell that grows out over the head that consists of 3 layers which are

  • Cuticle layer on the outermost layer is clear scales that are stacked in a fish scale called (keratinized cell). Around the hair consists of keratin (hard keratin) is the most, making the hair strong, preventing the penetration of dirt that will damage the hair and also protects the hair layer from losing moisture or natural oils, which, if this layer is healthy, will help the hair to look shiny
  • The next layer is the Cortex. The thickest layer is called the hair layer. It helps the hair to be soft, flexible and a great source of pigment Which determines the hair color
  • The innermost layer is Medulla, or the hair shaft is made up of proteins and fats. The hair core has no role in the work.
  • Mostly found in those who have strong hair or large hair.
  • Next to the hair, under the scalp will find the hair root which is very important for hair growth because it is the blood and nerves to nourish the hair root cells to divide and create new cells of the hair. Near the roots of the hair are oil glands, which create oil to nourish the shiny hair.
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