Klaire’s Philosophy

Klaire Formula
is the food supplement which is invented and distributed by the owner of KLAIRE CLINIC, the leading anti-aging medicine clinic in Thailand that have focused maintaining and promoting health primarily www.klaireclinic.com. The reason why we've decided to distribute the supplement because, in the past, consumers who were taking it by the doctor's specific formula which were only available to patients at KLAIRE CLINIC. From continuous use, it is found that it has achieved the desired results and also improves health as well. Therefore, the doctor would like to use the knowledge to make KLAIRE FORMULA for non-clinic customers have the opportunity to consume supplements that are specially formulated, effective and meet the objectives of each individual. The key is to have high safety by choosing vitamins that are medical grade, high quality and contained with vegetable capsules. People who do not eat meat or allergic to protein from animals that can eat our product. The formula used is a special formula of the clinic developed by the doctor and has legal rights protection.
Outstanding of the Klaire Formula
  • It is an exclusive supplement formulated with the medical grade.
  • It has been invented and developed by the expert of anti-aging medicine.
  • Use high quality of imported raw materials from foreign countries.
  • It has been manufactured and contained by a good standard factory in Thailand.
  • All products have been certified by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand.
  • It can ensure efficiency and safety.
  • Filled with V-cap plant capsules, safe, easily split, quick absorbed.
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