KLARINĒ 30 capsules


KLARINE Dietary Supplement 30 capsules

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KLARINE Dietary Supplement

Outstanding points
  • The new innovation of sustainable as the hair loss solution
  • The formula has been developed by the expert of anti-aging medicine
  • Premium Quality and use medical grade raw materials.
  • All raw materials have been imported from abroad selected from standardized production sources and reliable quality.
  • It contains 9 nutrients for hair including amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that are necessary to nourish the hair follicles in adequate and appropriate amounts. It can be used for the long term with safe that does not accumulate excess substances in the body.
  • Contained with V-cap capsules made from plants to reduce the risk of allergies to animal protein and can be used in people who don’t like to eat meat too.
  • It has been manufactured and contained by a good standard factory in Thailand
  • All products have been certified by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand.  
  • Premium supplement
  • It can nourish from the hair follicles to the top of the hair.
  • It can solve hair loss problems efficiently and safely.
  • Includes top 9 essential nutrients for hair growth.
  • Invented to be highly effective and safe for the body.
  • Consists of raw materials that are selected carefully from foreign countries.
  • It can safely take the recommended dosage continuously.
  • It is suitable for people who have hair loss problems, thin hair, and unhealthy hair roots.
  • Both men and women can take this product safely.
  • Take it before and after hair transplantation to improve hair growth as effective.
  • It can be used together with other hair care products to increase efficiency.
Major ingredient
  • L-cystine makes the hair strong and straight including protecting the hair from damage.
  • L-methionine increases blood flow to the hair follicles and scalp to encourage hair growth.
  • L-arginine increases blood to the hair follicle and strengthen hair growth and regeneration.
  • L-lysine builds collagen which is an important structure of the hair.
  • Pantothenic acid (B 5) helps in the process of creating important nutrients for the hair follicles.
  • Pyridoxine (B 6) stimulates the activity of enzymes that help the protein procedure in the hair.
  • Biotin (B 7) helps in the process of creating keratin making hair healthier, stronger and regenerate faster.
  • Folic acid (B 9) increases nutrients to the hair making the hair shiny, black and balanced.
  • Inositol stimulates new hair and reduces hair loss.


      : Take 1-2 capsules after meal one time daily.


      : Child or pregnant/breast feeding woman should not use.

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